Information Technology


Schools, corporations, and professional organizations need their students or employees to have easy-to-use access to a central location where files, documents, and other e-learning tools can be found.  Career advancement comes in many forms, and ZipEdTech has designed simple tools to help students and professionals track their progress and stay on-pace to achieve their goals.

ZipEdTech’s IT infrastructure, which is easy to implement, and even easier to use, includes the following tools:

Student Information System

  • Handling inquiries from prospective students
  • Handling the admissions process
  • Enrolling new students and storing teaching option choices
  • Automatically creating class and teacher schedules
  • Handling records of grades and academic progression
  • Maintaining records of absences and attendance
  • Recording communications with students
  • Maintaining discipline records
  • Providing statistical reports
  • Special education/Individual Education Plan (IEP) services
  • Accounting and budgeting service

Learning Management System

  • Centralizing and automating administration
  • Self-service and self-guided services
  • Assembling and delivering learning content rapidly
  • Consolidating training initiatives on a scalable web-based platform
  • Supporting portability and standards
  • Personalizing content and enabling knowledge continuity
  • Student registration and administration
  • Training event management (i.e., scheduling, tracking, and Web-based training delivery)
  • Curriculum and certification management
  • Skills and competencies management
  • Reporting
  • Training record management
  • Education software development

Student Portal

Students and professionals will have the ability to chart their progress with the following IT and learning features:

  • Assignments – View current and upcoming assignments, as well as past assignments, including due dates and grades received.
  • Triggers – Create a customized ‘alert event’ that will prompt an email or text message notification for attendance or grade activities.
  • Grades – View a summary of averages from each report card period for all classes.  Additionally, this screen serves as the point of entry for teacher-student dialogue.
  • Attendance – View a list of all non-present attendance events, such as absence and tardiness, recorded during the school year.
  • Calendar – View non-present attendance events by date, as well as a high-level description of any campus or district events entered by the school administrator.
  • Report card – This area will only be made available after report card pickup has been completed at the school.
  • View current status and eligibility.
  • View and upload – Ability to upload and view multiple student documents.
  • Transfer requests – Submit or view existing transfer requests.
  • Appeal request – Submit and view status of appeals.
  • Secured email administration via internal email system.
  • Review internal email history.

System Development and Optimization

Building an IT infrastructure unique to the needs of your institution to:

  • Store and capture grades
  • Capture lead information
  • Record changes of status

Co-Branded E-Commerce Sites

ZipEdTech can help build a website that allows your organization’s clientele to purchase services and products, while cross-promoting your business partners.


Creation of Custom Online Platforms

Secure, custom-built portals for corporations and education facilities and specially-designed, fully functional mobile platforms.